Travis/PyPI Setup

Optionally, your package can automatically be released on PyPI whenever you push a new tag to the master branch.

Install the Travis CLI tool

This is OS-specific.


We recommend the Homebrew travis package:

` brew install travis `

Windows and Linux

Follow the official Travis CLI installationinstructions for your operating system:

How It Works

Once you have the travis command - line tool installed, from the root of your project do:

travis encrypt --add deploy.password

This will encrypt your locally-stored PyPI password and save that to your .travis.yml file. Commit that change to git.

Your Release Process

If you are using this feature, this is how you would do a patch release:

bump2version patch
git push --tags

This will result in:

  • mypackage 0.1.1 showing up in your GitHub tags/releases page
  • mypackage 0.1.1 getting released on PyPI

You can also replace patch with minor or major.

More Details

You can read more about using Travis for PyPI deployment at: